Bodyguards Armed and Unarmed for protection in School near Pune, Maharashtra

Bodyguards, also known as Personal Security officers with All India Gun license and having Ex-servicemen background giving protection for a school near Pune, Maharashtra.

Armed PSO in Maharashtra


The armed bodyguard is from Punjab, this is something we recommend, according to our experience we have noticed that higher trust can be placed on bodyguards from Punjab. The fearlessness of armed security officers from Punjab is higher.

Armed Security officer Pune Maharashtra

The client is always requested to get registration of the armed security officer with the nearest police station,such registration adds trust and confidence for the client and the working personal security officer.

Bodyguards in School Maharastra

The whole school premises where protected and round the clock rounds were taken by the two officers. Denetim always recommends security officers to be send from far off locations and not locals as the locals are never able to manage a problem. They become part of the troubles faced. Therefore any form of protection or security in any location and one should hire security officers from other states – of course they should be ex-servicemen, they should be with experience.


The next important thing to notice in such a case is that one takes care of food and accommodation of the personal security officer (PSO). Any personal security officer deployed by Denetim will not get time for managing his daily food intake as most time during the 24 hour day is spent in providing protection.


The security officers usually take a train journey from their hometowns to the client place. In this case being Pune, Maharashtra and then a bus journey of a few hours to reach the destination. Hiring bodyguards who travel specifically for work for a client far away from there homes has many advantages – such as – work without weekly holidays, almost round the clock duty as the PSO will be available for security anytime in case of emergency, the trust factor of the PSO increases as there is more faith, more diligence because of a single focused job.


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