Bodyguards – Armed and Unarmed for Corporate Meeting in Delhi

Armed and Unarmed Bodyguards provided security services for a Corporate event held in an auditorium in Delhi, India.

PSO in Delhi PSO bouncer armed unarmed Team of Bouncers and PSOs Best Bouncers and PSOs Protection for company

The security officers managed the entrance, verified the guests and provided general administrative support during the company meeting.. The bodyguards also known as Personal security officers were available for security support for the company management and were present to escort them to the autiorium and back to the car.



Trained Security officers for protection

Denetim manages the complete security requirement for any company or individual that requires security services for a short period i.e for events, meetings, functions etc.

Personal Security officer Armed for security



The team of security personnel consisted of 6 members – 4 unarmed and 2 armed security officers.