Bodyguard Security Protection for American Solo Traveler in India

Bodyguard was provided for protection of two International foreign travelers to India – the services were given in New Delhi, the national capital of India, and Agra, the city of Taj Mahal.


Generally, everyone visiting Taj Mahal, Agra stay over in Delhi and travel early morning to return the same evening. The new highway connecting Delhi and Agra has made travel easier and time saving in comparison to travel through the old route.

The general time it takes is 2-3 hours one way. So mostly, foreigners and travelers have lunch in Agra or on their way back to Delhi. Eateries near Agra have International Coffee stores, restaurants and artifact shops.

More and More rural poor population has started to understand the value Taj Mahal holds for foreign tourists, hence there has been a dramatic surge in the numbers waiting for free food, gifts outside Taj Mahal.

The moment you step outside your car , the passage leading you to Taj Mahal greets you with a horde – touts, sellers, beggars, poor kids, hotel commission agents, bus agents, food sellers, water bottle sellers, taxi operators, auto rickshaw operators.

Hiring a Bodyguard who has expert knowledge and experience in handling trouble makers and has English speaking skill makes the view, the journey and the experience of visiting Taj Mahal way superior than individual travel. We have seen this through a period of 3 years of many many visits of foreign travelers and the feedback they have given.

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