Bodyguard Protection Officer for Protection during Russian Family travel all around India

Denetim Services provided security protection for a 22 day trip covering many cities and areas of India. The Russian family was on a tour of visiting most known and scenic places all around India.


Cities and activities covered with the family for protection:-

  1. Delhi
  2. Agra – Taj Mahal Visit
  3. Ranthambore en-route to Fatehpur Sikri
  4. Jungle Safari in Ranthambore National Park
  5. Drive to Jaipur
  6. Elephant Ride at Amber Fort.
  7. Mumbai
  8. Mangalore and drive to Kabini (Nagarhole National Park)
  9. Nagarhole National Park. drive to Shivamogga
  10. Hampi. Karnataka
  11.  Bangalore.
  12. Temples of Bhubaneswar.
  13. Konark Sun Temple
  14. Asia’s largest brackish water lake at Chilika
  15. Guwahati (via Kolkata).
  16. Cherrapunji
  17. Shillong
  18. Return to Delhi

Anna Stepnova and Berk Cosheen, Ukraine and Turkey.

Thank you for helping us all 3 weeks, being out friend and providing excellent service. We had really good time and really appreciate it. Hope to see you again. Thank you


The trip included security throughout the day , during sightseeing, visiting monuments,landscapes and even evening before return to Hotel. Everyday security duty was planned with upcoming tourist visits and the bodyguard arrived at the Hotel reception on time to be available for security and general management of the guests.Security Service for International Travelers needs to be disciplined and very thorough in its learning to be able to match up to International Standards.

Security Services are not just providing basic security during the trip it includes many other duties that are very supportive and make the trip worthwhile:-

  1.  Taxi Service at every airport
  2. Connecting with each local travel guide and tour operator
  3. Managing day itinerary with ticketing, visits etc
  4. Handling any medicine or local store requirement
  5. Escorting at every monument, place of visit
  6. Finding places for Coffee or Dining
  7.  Handling Local Touts and intrusions during visits.


An important factor of visits all known places is entry tickets and crowds at such places – foreigners will find such experience of our bodyguards very rewarding as the bodyguard attends to procuring tickets and managing crowds.


Such long trips require absolute planning and good experience of providing security to foreigners. Understanding different accents, having back up for attending to any difficulty is extremely important in such cases.

Bodyguards are trained not just to handle security issues but to provide a seamless experience of travel with being good at escorting and managing every aspect of the trip to make it worry-less.unobtrusive trip to India



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