Bodyguard Protection officer for International Traveler from Canada visiting Mumbai, India

International Visitor from Canada was given English speaking trained bodyguard for protection and daily support during travel in and around Mumbai. Denetim Services provides proper disciplined and experienced protection officers for foreigners visiting anywhere in India. International Visitors have very specific requests of protection – most importantly managing communication with locals, administering daily moments smoothly. Almost all security services start from Airport and end at airport.

Close Protection officer Mumbai


The teams are trained to handle any situation and have vast experience of dealing with foreigners from all over the world. We at Denetim have been providing security to International Tourists, Businessmen, families since more than 4 years now and have gathered tremendous trust and confidence is providing quality and accurate security.

Bodyguard in Mumbai


Bodyguards can speak English and can give VVIP protection throughout the journey, bodyguards start their duty from the hotel and end at hotel everyday. Staying with the client constantly and traveling near him is very important. Getting Sims cards, Medicines, Water-bottles. Buying monument entry tickets, managing movement in bustling parts of  India such as Mumbai.

Protection officer Mumbai

Most International Tourists request for unarmed security officer as an armed security officer cannot enter malls, monuments, trains, hotels and other public places due to round the clock X- ray verification to ensure no arms are being allowed in such public places.