Bodyguard for Canadian Travelers Group around India – Delhi, Agra, Dharamshala & Chandigarh

Denetim provided trained and experienced, English speaking bodyguard for a bog Canadian group that visited India for celebration of a Canadian family wedding held in Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh which is in North India.

Personal Security Officer for Dharamshala

The Group also requested for Commando training, the training was given in Dharmashala around the last days of the journey around North India. The commondo taught the travellers many techniques for self defence and protection. The whole session was intense and lasted couple of hours.



Security Officer for Canadians in India Security training for International Tourists Protection officer for Foreigners

During long bus journeys for groups that wish to visit parts of North India, it is advisable to have an armed ex-servicemen who has knowledge and training to handle any situation. There are areas where there are rural and requires some attention, such instances are preventive.


There are many times villagers in bikes and scooters follow the bus and make unnecessary noise while following the travling foreigners. Therefore we at Denetim have gained enough experience to provide important advice on such subject. Safety is paramount for ensuring that the trip goes well.


PSO in India - Delhi, Dharamshala

Most personal security officers (PSOs) / Bodyguards hired by the travelers adapt well with the requirement and the temperament of the travellers, some prefer city life while other prefer a stroll in remote villages and some prefer hill stations. We send bodyguards that are discplined and well behaved. With a good structure and methodoligally involved we have noticed foreigners find our services worthwhile and many times have extended the period of bodyguard hire, even extending it almost the whole trip. Groups tend to hire for protection, basic group management and expert local know how.

Security training

The training included many exercises, some of them new to the travelers. We are proud that our local expertise can be helpful in imparting quality self defence training to travelers including International travelers.

Security Officer for travelers

Almost every trip starts from Delhi follows the most important destinations around Delhi – Agra ( Taj Mahal), Rajasthan ( ethic and culturally rich state bordering Delhi), Punjab, Himachal Pradesh.

Security for Foreigners India Gate, Delhi

New Delhi has has many places that tourists visit such India Gate, Qutub Minar, Delhi Haat, India Habitat Centre. Mostly the bodyguards report at the airport and end the security service at the airport.

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