Bodyguard Bouncers including female bouncers for event security at Decathlon Gurugram and Sohna Road, Haryana

Bodyguard Bouncers were giving security services at Decathlon Gurugram and Sohna Road for Annual Day Event of Decathlon. The event comprised of sports events and ceremonies held for customers visiting the store.Such large scale events require both male and female bodyguard bouncers. Various sports activities and games are organized inviting all customers to attend events and become part of the festivities held by Decathlon.

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Female Bodyguard bouncer hire

Female bodyguard Bouncers are now required at almost every event and are considered equally important at providing security. Such a shift shows the rising power of women in the country. Any situation involving women needs to be taken care by female bouncers. Also security is speically needed near women change rooms at such sports stores.

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Bodyguard Bouncers hired have multiple duties at such events, not just management and control of the people visiting the sports events but also management and safety of the products and goods on display and being utilized at the function.

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Bodyguards are extremely important when large countryside crowds can be present at such International stores. The aggression and unity coupled with theft opportunists becomes a dangerous mix and requires professional security suport for the staff of the company and for the safety of the premises.

Bodyguard Bouncer for hire

We try and bring out the best men for such security / detective sort of jobs. The Bodyguard is also trained and well guided of his responsibilites in such cases. All such work events requrie 12-14 hours of duty standing and protection throughout.

Bodyguard Bouncer for sports event in gurugram

The fitness and skill of our men is tested in such events and we try and improve after every event from the inputs given by the client during and after the event.