Bodyguard Bouncers Hired in Mumbai for Luxury Event Security and Celebrity Management

Bodyguard Bouncers are always required for Luxury events held at Five star hotels in the busiest city of India, Mumbai. Denetim Services provided trained and very experienced bodyguard bouncers for protection and celebrity management at a brand event held in a five star in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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All Luxury events has celebrities and VVIP guests visiting, therefore the importance of proper escorting and controlling crowds becomes very important. As more and more people are attracted to such fashion and brand events specifically held in Mumbai, bollywood capital of India, it becomes imperative to have very experienced and educated bodyguard bouncers to be present to manage the event.

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Denetim Services provides bouncers for hire in Mumbai within a matter of hours, our turn around time for bouncer protection is just 2 hours which includes the travel time as well. The dress code in Mumbai is safari dress and on request we can have bouncers bodyguards dressed in formal suit with tie.

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All Big events require management from the entrance, when the guests arrive to the event entrance and followed by complete supervision for guests during the event. Protection during the event,crowd controlling and stage supervision are always priority of the company.

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