Bodyguard Bouncers for marriage event security in countryside area near Gurugram, Haryana

Bodyguard Bouncers being a team of nine went for security services at a marriage event ceremony near Gurugram, Haryana. The countryside Haryana has a new trend of hiring bouncers for event display, protection and as a symbol of Luxury.

Bouncer security  Marriage security NCR region Gurugram

The special request of all bouncers being very muscular and well built to manage the event. Countryside has already larger and bigger men in comparison to the city folk. Bouncers who are working as bodyguards should always look somewhat intimidating and bigger than the guest attending the marriage. Also to arrange and manage the team to reach such areas further away from Gurugram, Haryana is slightly difficult as marriages tend to finish extremely late in the night and one needs to get the team back to the base in Delhi.

Marriage event security bouncers gurugram haryana

The team was protecting the gates, the entrances of the events and the homes of the families involved in marriage. Its called complete security during marriage event.

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