Bodyguard Bouncers and Armed Security Officers including Female Bouncers for Marriage Ceremony in Lutyens Delhi

Denetim Services provided security services for luxury event, marriage security for ultra rich marriage required Armed Security officers and Bouncers for security services at marriage in Lutyens Delhi.


The event required more than 20 bouncers, armed personal security officers and female bouncers for managing the complete security from entry to the main function.



The team reached before the event to get strategic placement for effective security management. The Security work included entry verification, metal detection, and entry restriction.



Lady Security Officers or Female Bouncers have very good security experience can manage security provisions for women at the event. The trend for hiring security having women security for protection of women is almost the most important requirement nowadays. No event is held without inclusion of Female Bouncers.

Lady Security - Female Bouncers for event security bouncers-including-female-bouncers-for-luxury-marriage-event