Bodyguard Bouncers and Armed Security Officers for protection in Delhi

Denetim provided travelers from Punjab security services starting from the airport for a period of 2 days in New Delhi. The security team started the duty when family landed the airport, the security service is given without a break, when the duty starts the security team stays constantly with the client to provide seemingly, uninterrupted security throughout the visit.


Bodyguard Bouncer hire

Bodyguard Bouncers are available all around India but the ones that have experience, training and discipline are the ones that make the whole security service worth it. Security Services need to adhere to quality and decorum when dealing with clients reaching the capital of India.



Armed and Unarmed Bodyguard Hire

The dress code of the bodyguards is always formal – Safari Suit – Half Sleeves and in winters it is usually a formal suit.

Security Team Armed and Unarmed Delhi Protection during visit to Delhi


Bouncers and PSOs in Delhi

The team consisted of two armed and two unarmed security officers for duty, the whole team moved in an Innova separately hired by the client.