Bodyguard Bouncer Hire for two day University Event in Haryana ( Delhi NCR)

Denetim Services provided well built, muscular and very experienced bouncers for event security at a University in Haryana – approximately 50 kms from Delhi border. The bouncers traveled by university provided car to reach the event held in the college gardens. The event included DJ Event and celebrity stage performance. The bouncers were specifically hired to be present near the celebrity at all times and protect the stage during performance.

The bodyguard bouncers were hired for two days consecutively to manage the event on both the days. It required late night travel back to Delhi. This is the best quality of bouncers any bouncer agency in Delhi can provide. These men have extensive experience of events as they are protecting at events almost 365 days a year. From big events to concerts these bouncers know the protocol and behaviour expected from them. They also understand the legal nuances during handling fights and crowd disorder.

The qualities of well built bodies, experience, good agency backing and proper ethics helps us give the finest bodyguard bouncers for security. These men are the best in the industry and can handled unendurable situations smoothly in the past.

It is not just important to have a few well built men and the others untrained, but each and every bouncer hired should have the highest skill and look to be able to perform his / her duty. These bouncers are best paid in the industry with high salaries and good events , they have almost become part of the security family with Denetim.

We recommend clients to hire the best quality bouncers for any duty in Delhi NCR as the increasing chaos becomes impossible to handle from bouncers who are not trained and qualified with proper skills.

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