Bodyguard Bouncer hire for Luxury party in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Denetim Services has trained and experienced bodyguard bouncers for event security and general administration management anywhere in Mumbai. The new age concept of having bouncers at gate entry for luxury events is the new concept and requires us to be ready with the best bouncers that can be available for hire for any duty.

Most Luxury events require certain quality and demeanor that can only be completed with properly dressed bouncers at gate duty and available at bar duty as well.

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All Security team was present for duty all night and were attentive throughout the party guarding the entrance and managing any requirements of the event.

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The dress code for security team all around India is black. The weather in Mumbai is hot and therefore the half sleeves balck safari suit is preferable to full black suits.

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These bouncers have more than 3 years of experience and can handle any situation without breaking any rules or obligations. This is a growing industry and everyone wants to hire bouncers nowadays with most focus on events. On the other side young gym visiting boys want to become bouncers after building a muscular body. This trend is visible very evidently in Mumbai, being the celebrity bollywood town.

In such a situation it becomes extremely important for us to have proper control and methods of recruitment before we infuse anybody into working for Denetim.