Bodyguard Bouncer for event security in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Denetim Services provided trained and experienced bodyguard Bouncers for event security in Mumbai. When a Large team is deployed for event security it becomes mandatory to have the whole team assemble a little earlier at the venue to avoid delay or hassles.

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Bodyguard Bouncers hired for event security in Mumbai is mostly based on 8 hour duty, but some extension due to delays in the event are not charged, however longer durations become chargeable by overtime for every bodyguard bouncer.

The team is always dressed in black with some clients requesting casual clothes. Casual clothes are only worn when client specifically requests.

We have to constantly monitor and verify the work of our team with client feedback, there have been instances where we have removed bouncers and security officers who have not fulfilled the discipline required by the client. There is definitive quality that we aspire to provide in security specifically in the bollywood capital of India. Mumbai



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