Armed Personal Security Officer (PSO) hire for family protection in Dehradun, Uttrakhand

Armed Ex-Servicemen with all India gun license hired by a family for general protection and safety of old parents in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, North India.  The ex-servicemen has been provided food and accommodation and stays with the family 24 /7 for protection and safety of old parents.

The best security for old family members living in small towns or for that matter big towns as well is a retired or duly discharged ex-servicemen who has served the country for at-least 15 years, has valid documented proofs, is part of our company after due consideration. These men are most trustworthy and reliable ex-servicemen in India and have been not only trusted as a source of protection by our clients but also by the general administration and legal authorities.

All Ex-servicemen we provide are in the age group starting from 33-34 and going upto 45-46 and have excellent ex-service record with valid pension proofs.

Dehradun is a small but growing town and is the capital of Uttrakhand. There are many homes that have old family members living without any help, support or protection. Ex-servicemen with such credentials and caliber are able to provide good security and a safe overall environment to such family members.

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