Armed Ex-servicemen Personal Security Officer – PSO Hire for protection in Hyderabad

Armed Ex-servicemen Personal Security Officer, also known as PSO all around India is hired for providing security to VVIPs, Company Owners, Well Known figures in the media industry and many other wealthy personalities across India. The term Close Protection Officer (CPO) , Commando Security, Bodyguards, Private Security Guard are all referring to this high quality , well trained ex-servicemen who is armed with valid gun license and has experience in providing protection all around India.

Hyderabad, the hub for Telangana and Andra Pradesh, is becoming a very big metropolitan and the requirement of the VVIPS hiring best bodyguards is increasing rapidly, with more and more people looking at the best bodyguards that can be deployed in Southern India, they tend to come to Northern states where there the personnel are taller and have more experience of handling unforeseen circumstances.The usual demand is for personal security officers from Punjab, Himachal, Rajasthan and even Uttar Pradesh.

Most Ex-servicemen are Ex-Army followed by Ex-CRPF, Ex-BSF and finally Ex-CISF . Ex-NSG is preferred over other but the charges increase as the Ex-NSG Security understand the market will pay a premium for a National Security Guard Ex-servicemen.

Our PSOs travel from their hometowns to the main cities of work through trains and are ready for work 24 / 7 protection. All clients hiring such premium bodyguards provide food and accommodation for the staff that we provide.


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