Armed Ex-servicemen Bodyguard for protection in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ex-servicemen with All India Gun license for .32 Barrel Pistol or Revolver have been deployed for protection and security movement of VVIPs living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Such duties are round the clock, 24 hour manned protection outside the house, outside the gate, with the client , never leaving a moment alone. This is the discipline of the client, this is the responsibility of the client.

Armed Personal Security Officer Mumbai

Both bodyguards change night and day duty depending on the situation and adjustment, never letting a day go on which there is no security. When leave is taken by the armed bodyguards a replacement is sent by the company, the replacement is also an ex-servicemen armed bodyguard. A Bodyguard is also known as Personal Security Officer (PSO) . Mostly PSOs’ are armed and are trained to handle any unforeseen circumstances with ease.

All Ex-servicemen have more than 15 years of defense experience of living at borders, various states in training and combat. Such men are easily the most trustworthy of all in the category of protection for family, relatives and loved ones. We at Denetim only provide ex-servicemen with arms for protection all over India.


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