Armed Bodyguard PSO Ex-servicemen,with automatic car driving skills,from Punjab working for VVIP celebrity in Mumbai

Armed Bodyguard, also known as Personal Security Officer (PSO) providing security services in Mumbai for VVIP celebrity. The armed bodyguard is 6 Feet 5 inches tall, has brilliant discipline and experience of providing security and driving automatic cars.

Armed Security for celebrity in Mumbai

The bodyguard is always with the celebrity providing cover and driving their car for protection throughout the travel. Armed Bodyguards are nowadays hired for 24 hour protection and are given food and accommodation so that they are not left in a situation that would make them worry about reaching the duty on time and cook their food.


Armed Bodyguards from Punjab are some of the best personal security officers, Close protection officers hired by celebrities and utilized for round the clock security services in India.

Hiring Ex-servicemen that are armed and have all India gun license adds a higher level of protection, such officers are available to give the best possible security cover under any circumstance. The car driving skills specially automatic car driving skills helps the client have bodyguard drop them to airports late at night, early mornings and gives additional benefit to celebrity management.

PSO Bodyguard Hire Mumbai

In Mumbai we give Armed Bodyguards for hire for protection coming from all over India specifically from Punjab. Hiring local PSOs/ Bodyguards turns out to be more expensive and has many concerns in discipline and quality as locals are not able to justify the steadiness and candor of the ex-servicemen coming from Punjab, Himachal and Rajasthan.