Armed Bodyguard Personal Security Officer for Hire in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Denetim Services provides Armed security officers also known as Personal Security Officers or bodyguards  for protection all over India with most employed in Mumbai and Delhi, where we operate from, all armed security officers are ex-servicemen with maximum having ex-army background , with additional courses being Ex-NSG, Commando course, Shooting expertise.

We recommend and only recruit ex-servicemen with Ex-Army being the highest recruitment and it the other recruits being Ex-CRPF, Ex-BSF, Ex-CISF, number being in the order of mention.

Mumbai is a very fast and big city with many industrialists, VVIPS, Bollywood actors requiring PSO security throughout the year,  24 hour protection, the officer stays with the client and the client bears the food and accomodation costs of the personal security officer. We never provide local personal security officers for permanent hire as the security service is more professional from an ex-serviceman who travels from other states with maximum being from Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Denetim has learnt and evolved with time, the company ensures that the security officers have been thoroughly filtered and finalized after due consideration, this process has led us to understand that hiring local city based personal security officers will not give the same level of professionalism and discipline as one would get from PSOs that have specifically traveled for security assignment at hand.

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