Armed Bodyguard Ex-servicemen protection for Manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh

Bodyguard Armed Ex-Servicemen for protection during meetings and management from local villagers. The Plant owners and management is being given protection during meetings and settlement with local Himachal villagers during set up and construction of industrial plant in Himachal Pradesh.




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The armed security officer from Punjab, being an ex-serviceman, helps in controlling crowds, in being assistance to the management , escorting all travel and meetings of the owners.

Ex-servicemen with arms adds additional safety and creates an environment of calm and order as locals understand the seriousness of the situation. Ex-servicemen are the only men we have that are with arms. We do not provide civilian with jobs who have arms license. The context is clear, we understand that men with high responsibility are the ones that have effective training, discipline and learning with a badge of honor from the defense services of having worked for more than 15 years that entitles them to retire with discharge certificate.


Such men have diligence and much more control than a civilian who has acquired a gun license and starts looking for bodyguard jobs in India.


We as a company have extreme diligence and concern for getting proper security men for protection to have the best possible bodyguards available anywhere in India.



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