Armed and Unarmed security officers for security at Corporate Event in Delhi

Denetim Services provided armed and unarmed security officers for protection and general management of a corporate event held in an auditorium in Delhi. The security officers were responsible for verification of entry personnel and ensure the general conduct is orderly and disciplined. The team of armed security are with the Top management. Unarmed bouncers are managing the gate and the hall.

Armed Security and Bouncers


Corporate events require streamlined security fundamentals and also an experienced security provider who can channelise the team to manage the whole auditorium and have presence behind the stage as well. The co-ordination is necessary, when the team of security personnel have worked in this field for more than 5 years, the experience gained on duty yeps us provide excellent security.
Personal Security Officers Delhi


Security Management of the Auditorium Event Security Armed


Armed and Unarmed Security Team